Thistrol Plus

Thistrol Plus is a selective herbicide for controlling broadleaf weeds in young and established pastures, cereals, peas and in white clover and grass seed crops.

Product Group: Herbicide
Active Ingredient: 375g/L MCPB and 25g/L MCPA
Formulation: Soluble Concentrate


Thistrol Plus is a pasture friendly phenoxy herbicide that will control a wide range of seedling broadleaf weeds in newly sown pastures. Thistrol Plus contains 25g/L MCPA and 375g/L MCPB as the dimethylamine salts. The inclusion of a small amount of MCPA boosts the activity of MCPB on many weeds, while still maintaining the safety margin that MCPB has on clovers.

Benefits of Thistrol Plus:

  • Combines MCPA and MCPB giving flexibility to use over a wide range of situations.
  • Controls seedling broadleaf weeds in young and established pasture.
  • Suitable to use prior to your first graze in new pasture.
  • Excellent clover safety.